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Safe Touch Vinyl Gloves - Small Hand 313
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Vinyl vs Nitrile Gloves~~ Vinyl gloves, which are made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), are usually the cheapest latex-free gloves and can be safely used for canine insemination and collection. Of the different types of latex-free gloves, nitrile gloves offer a higher degree of protection against viruses, besides the chemical protection they provide.

Target Canine Ovulation 12 Test Kit 923
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  Determine whelping date (24 hour window) by measuring progesterone levels just before expected whelping date. About 24 hours before whelping, progesterone levels dramatically drop to very low levels. (C1 result)   Target is the easy to use, dependable progesterone test kits that veterinarians trust. Target can give you the answers you need.     A centrifuge is recommended for spinning blood down prior to testing. See Multispeed Mini Centrifuge (75144-795) and 1.5ml Capped...

Target Canine Ovulation 6 Test Kit 922
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The Target Canine progesterone test is a rapid 9 min blood test to determine progesterone levels based on visual color changes of the test cup from bright blue to white. The test is based on ELISA principles where the sample and reagents are filtered through the antibody on the porous test cup. The accuracy of the test is based on a highly specific antibody which is trapped in the porous cup matrix. The test detects the initial rise in progesterone to accurately predict ovulation in the bitch...

Transvaginal Probe Covers 470
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Visual Canine Artificial Insemination Gun Kit 950
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'- Total length: 340mm - Probe rod length: 250mm - Probe rod material: 304 stainless steel - Probe rod diameter: 10 mm - Handle width: 80mm - Diameter of expansion head: 12mm - Expansion head length: 7mm - Air passage diameter: 1 mm - Diameter of insemination channel: 3mm - Screen size: 3.5 inches - Resolution: 640x480 - Display screen adjustment angle: 120 ° up and down, 360 ° left and right - Camera: 3.9m cold light source, 180 ° wide angle - Pixels: 15 million - Power supply: 5v2000ma...