Target Canine Ovulation 6 Test Kit

Determine whelping date (24 hour window) by measuring progesterone levels just before expected whelping date. About 24 hours before whelping, progesterone levels dramatically drop to very low levels. (C1 result)

With one easy, on-site test, detect progesterone

  1. to accurately predict ovulation and target optimal breeding dates
  2. to accurately time C-section when progesterone drops before whelping
Target Progesterone Canine Ovulation Test
Predicting Ovulation is done by accurately detecting the initial rise in progesterone (from C1 to C2). Ovulation usually occurs 2 days after the initial rise in progesterone (from C2 to C3). The most fertile time to breed is 2 to 4 days after ovulation (C4). To time C-section or whelping, test progesterone starting 58 – 60 days after first breeding (average gestation 63 days). A drop in progesterone to < 2 ng/mL (from C4 to dark C2 or C1) indicates whelping will occur within 24 – 36 hours. Target Canine Kit Interpretation

A centrifuge is recommended for spinning blood down prior to testing. See Multispeed Mini Centrifuge (75144-795) and 1.5ml Capped Tubes (75195-183)

Absent a centrifuge, allow blood to clot at room temp for 30-60 minutes or until clear serum collects in top of tube

Price: $155.99

    The Target Canine progesterone test is a rapid 9 min blood test to determine progesterone levels based on visual color changes of the test cup from bright blue to white. The test is based on ELISA principles where the sample and reagents are filtered through the antibody on the porous test cup. The accuracy of the test is based on a highly specific antibody which is trapped in the porous cup matrix. The test detects the initial rise in progesterone to accurately predict ovulation in the bitch to determine optimal breeding dates. The test detects a drop in progesterone at the end of the pregnancy to signal normal whelping within 24 hours to time a C-section accurately.