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AmScope TCS-100 Microscope Temperature Control Stage Slide Warmer 141SW
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Features & Specifications: Convenient installation for any standard microscope stage Two LED digital displays and two touch pad buttons on temperature controller Power input: 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz, AC Power output: 50W Temperature control range: 20°C to 50°C Temperature setting increments: 1°C Temperature display divisions: 0.1°C Various between setting and displaying temperature: less than /-1°C Dimensions of stage warmer plate: 150mm x 130mm x 5.8mm Dimensions of control unit: 187mm x...

Bullz Angel Postpartum Recovery..60 tablets per bottle..30 day supply 962
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Energy requirements are higher during lactation and the body needs certain nutrients in adequate amounts to meet those increased energy demands. The Bullz Angel Full Postpartum Recovery postnatal multivitamin offers higher amounts of Vitamins A, C, D3, and E, compared to our Prenatal, to support mom’s nutritional needs while breastfeeding. Each serving contains postnatal Vitamins A, C, D3, E, plus all B vitamins - and also includes DHA, Calcium, Iron, Iodine, Magnesium, and Zinc. DHA is an...

Bullz Angel Prenatal High-Potency..60 tablets per bottle..60 day supply.... 961
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Support normal fetal development and sufficient milk production: Bullz Angel's prenatal dog vitamins help to ensure that your pet gets sufficient amounts of folic acid for pregnant dogs, a B vitamin which may help prevent certain birth defects; during pregnancy and when breastfeeding, your dog needs about 50 percent more folic acid than before it; as it is difficult to get this amount from foods alone, your pet may need to take supplemental folic acid. Helps promote healthy brain development...

Bullz Angel Puppy Starter Growth Enhancer  16oz container.. 963
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Designed to meet the demands of puppies, this complete and balanced formula with added vitamins and minerals provides your young animals with the high-quality nutrition they need to grow and develop from the very beginning.   High energy - 24% fat and 24% all-meat flavor protein formula to support growth, performance, and muscle development. Packed with power - Vitamins B12, B2, B6 and E support immune health, while minerals such as calcium, selenium and potassium help young puppies grow...

Bullz Angel Vital Sperm..60 Tablets per day..20 day supply.. 960
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It has been shown in clinical practice that two of the ingredients, which are present in this formula, not only aid in sperm production but also act in synergy to stimulate motivation for the stud and sexual desire as well. Provides essential nutrients for the unique needs of breeding dog and cat males Enhances male reproductive performance Increases vigor and endurance Supports improved sperm production, mobility, and motility Vital Sperm is made with Black Ginger Vital for improving the...

Canine Semen Evaluation Microscope 147BIN
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BRIGHTFIELD ILLUMINATION: This science microscope kit has brightfield LED illumination (upper & lower) and a condenser with iris diaphragm for clear examination and light control. 10x WIDEFIELD LENSE & 4x, 10x & 40x OBJECTIVES: This electronic microscope has a binocular head with rotatable 10x widefield eyepieces providing interpapillary adjustment for a comprehensive view. ADJUSTABLE MECHANICAL STAGE: This professional microscope has an adjustable mechanical stage where you can...

Celestron TetraView LCD Digital Microscope 141LCD
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Type of Microscope: LCD Desktop Head: 180° roatatable head w/4.3" TFT LCD Screen Nosepiece: Quad with click stop Objective(s) Type: (4) Achromatic objectives on turret Objective(s) Standard: DIN 35 RMS Objective(s) Magnification: 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x Objective(s) Thread: WJ 4/5" x 1/36" Focus Type(s): Course Focus | Fine Focus Focus Travel (per rotation): 0.7mm to 35.3mm (.027" to 1.39") (est.) Magnification Range: 40x, 100x, 200x, 400x | Up to 1600x with digtial zoom Illumination Type: LEDs...

DOD Puppy Respirator/Aspirator 1049
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Legate Hill German Shepherds Item #: 75049-795 -

After years of exploration and a lot of research and testing, this device has been developed to focus on solving problems quickly. Simple and easy operation can quickly achieve the effect of assisting breathing. After the birth of daily animal newborns, breathing difficulties often occur. Most of the methods are to directly assist breathing. In this process, it is easy to blow the amniotic fluid in the nasal cavity into the lungs and cause death. Also experienced farmers will first lift the...

Flush Bag with Y-Junction 354
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Ideal for uterine flushing / lavage Zipper closure with wide opening makes filling easy 4” inflow tube connects to foley catheter Individually packaged and gamma irradiated or EtO exposed Single use item