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Visual Canine Artificial Insemination Gun Kit 950
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'- Total length: 340mm - Probe rod length: 250mm - Probe rod material: 304 stainless steel - Probe rod diameter: 10 mm - Handle width: 80mm - Diameter of expansion head: 12mm - Expansion head length: 7mm - Air passage diameter: 1 mm - Diameter of insemination channel: 3mm - Screen size: 3.5 inches - Resolution: 640x480 - Display screen adjustment angle: 120 ° up and down, 360 ° left and right - Camera: 3.9m cold light source, 180 ° wide angle - Pixels: 15 million - Power supply: 5v2000ma...

DOD Puppy Respirator/Aspirator 1049
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After years of exploration and a lot of research and testing, this device has been developed to focus on solving problems quickly. Simple and easy operation can quickly achieve the effect of assisting breathing. After the birth of daily animal newborns, breathing difficulties often occur. Most of the methods are to directly assist breathing. In this process, it is easy to blow the amniotic fluid in the nasal cavity into the lungs and cause death. Also experienced farmers will first lift the...