DOD Aspirator/Resuscitator Product material: ABS plastic Scope of application: solve the suffocation problem of newborn animals and prevent amniotic fluid from choking into the respiratory tract Product features: thick plastic, silicone piston, heat and cold resistance, sufficient air Instructions for use 1. Prepare alcohol cotton 2. Overall disinfection before use 3. After the pup is born, cover the mouth of the pup with the rubber sleeve on the front of the respirator, hold the pull to the end, and repeat it several times to achieve the effect. 4. After sucking out a large amount of amniotic fluid in the pup's nasal cavity, wipe it with a towel in time.                                                                                            
Price: $21.49

    After years of exploration and a lot of research and testing, this device has been developed to focus on solving problems quickly. Simple and easy operation can quickly achieve the effect of assisting breathing.  After the birth of daily animal newborns, breathing difficulties often occur. Most of the methods are to directly assist breathing. In this process, it is easy to blow the amniotic fluid in the nasal cavity into the lungs and cause death. Also experienced farmers will first lift the piglet's hind legs, quickly throw the amniotic fluid out, and then assist breathing, but this approach not only requires mastery of strength skills, but also requires years of clinical experience. The neonatal ventilator uses the principle of negative pressure adsorption, which not only solves the problem of amniotic fluid choking into the respiratory tract, but also assists breathing quickly.