Breeder Alert Halter Foaling Alarm Monitoring System Complete Set includes 1 Transmitter, 1 Pager with Pouch
Price: $539.99

    The new and improved Breeder Alert system no longer has Main Unit, Antenna, and coax cable and will not depend on electrical or 12V battery power. This is a big plus. Now the Transmitter does not have to be within 600 feet of the Main Unit. The new system has better range, and the Transmitter just has to be within range of the Pocket Pager (up to a mile depending on obstructions). This will give owner more flexibility on where horses can roam or be kept. Transmitters and Pagers will still be powered with 2 AAA batteries. Another great improvement is that you will no longer have to calibrate angles on the Transmitter if they shift, as they will not shift with new model. This was always so confusing and was the one user question. The important thing to remember (especially if you are ordering additional items at a later date) is that it will need to registered using the "starter" system Serial number so that the system can accept coding, which has been made very user friendly. The serial number on this unit will begin with the letter “Q”. Transmitters are not interchangeable with the previous model. Transmitters for the previous units can still be purchased using the letter “T” the serial number will eventually be phased out. The new Breeder Alert® Transmitter/Pouch is smaller than a credit card and attaches easily to mare's halter. When mare lies flat out in foaling position for at least 13 seconds, a signal will be sent from the Mare's transmitter to a pager. The Breeder Alert® Transmitter/Pouch, smaller than a credit card, attaches easily to a mare's halter. Our New Electronics with improved situational awareness prevent false alarms. You can add Additional Transmitters at any time if you have more than one mare to monitor. Each System can handle up to 20 Transmitters and you can be alerted on just one Pocket Pager. Your Pocket Pager will show a digital display (number 01 - 20) to let you know which mare is sending an alarm. You can have as many Pocket Pagers per system as needed.