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Canine Semen Evaluation Microscope 147
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Cordless Compound Microscope w/ 4X, 10x & 40X Eyepieces – Illuminated 40-400x Magnification Microscope – Includes 5 Prepared Slides   6 Adjustable LED Lights - This microscope has adjustable LED bulbs that offer long-lasting and cool lighting that offers reduced heat conduction for clear examination. The portable microscope also has a rechargeable battery and a detachable power cord which allows the user to work in a variety of environments! 5 Awesome Prepared Slides - This monocular...

DOD Puppy Respirator/Aspirator 1049
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After years of exploration and a lot of research and testing, this device has been developed to focus on solving problems quickly. Simple and easy operation can quickly achieve the effect of assisting breathing. After the birth of daily animal newborns, breathing difficulties often occur. Most of the methods are to directly assist breathing. In this process, it is easy to blow the amniotic fluid in the nasal cavity into the lungs and cause death. Also experienced farmers will first lift the...

Equine/Canine Express II Special Coolant Pack 105
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Glycerol GLY
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Next Generation® Evolution™ Semen Freezing Extenders The Next Generation® Semen Extenders are universally inter-changeable in that they can be used as the spin down extender as well as the final cryo-preservation medium. Simplicity is the basis for all of our extenders, the Equine extenders are packaged in 150 mL doses The Centrifugation Procedure Thoroughly mix the Next Generation® semen extender that you have tested and proved to work best for your stallion and/or dog using the appropriate...

Gram Stain Set 202A
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The Gram Stain is used for the differiential staining of bacteria. Set consists of “pre-mixed” iodine. FDA approved for in vitro diagnostic use. Gram stain sets and component replacements are specifically formulated for differential staining of bacteria from cultures or patient specimens. Gram stain sets offer the laboratory a choice of stabilized iodine or traditional, non-stabilized iodine and are in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of laboratory personnel. For Professional Use Only.

H-R Lube Sterile 268
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H-R Lube Tube Sterile 281
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HR 2X Lubricating Jelly 271
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HR Lubricating Jelly 511
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