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2 in 1 Disinfectant 914
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3 ml Transfer Pipettes 694
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Canine Semen Evaluation Microscope 147
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Cordless Compound Microscope w/ 4X, 10x & 40X Eyepieces – Illuminated 40-400x Magnification Microscope – Includes 5 Prepared Slides   6 Adjustable LED Lights - This microscope has adjustable LED bulbs that offer long-lasting and cool lighting that offers reduced heat conduction for clear examination. The portable microscope also has a rechargeable battery and a detachable power cord which allows the user to work in a variety of environments! 5 Awesome Prepared Slides - This monocular...

DisCide Disinfecting Towelettes 6" x 8" 913
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Chemically formulated to achieve the fastest possible disinfection times, DisCide kills TB, HIV-1 (AIDS) virus, Herpes 2 and Andenovirus 2 in 1 minute. DisCide's self-timing evaporation provides assurance of disinfection, leaving a light herbal scent. Active ingredients: n-alkyl/dimethyl ethyl benzyl ammonium chloride/n-alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammoni-um chloride/isopropyl alcohol.

DOD Puppy Respirator/Aspirator 1049
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After years of exploration and a lot of research and testing, this device has been developed to focus on solving problems quickly. Simple and easy operation can quickly achieve the effect of assisting breathing. After the birth of daily animal newborns, breathing difficulties often occur. Most of the methods are to directly assist breathing. In this process, it is easy to blow the amniotic fluid in the nasal cavity into the lungs and cause death. Also experienced farmers will first lift the...

McCulloch ONE PUFF Small Animal Aspirator and Resuscitator 1050
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Can be used on any newborn pup. It is designed to clear the respiratory passageway and pump air into the mask stimulating respiratory reflex. Simple, two-part, handheld instrument that clears breathing pathways and stimulates the first breaths of newborn puppies, kittens, and other small animals. One Puff™ is the safe and effective alternative to the use of traditional methods, such as shaking, flinging, or mouth-to-mouth. An invaluable tool for all veterinarians, breeders, and pet owners, it...

Quick Check Cuvettes w/lids 691
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Safe Touch Vinyl Gloves - Medium Hand 314
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Vinyl vs Nitrile Gloves~~ Vinyl gloves, which are made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), are usually the cheapest latex-free gloves and can be safely used for canine insemination and collection. Of the different types of latex-free gloves, nitrile gloves offer a higher degree of protection against viruses, besides the chemical protection they provide.