Immuno-Chek G Foal IgG Test Kit~~~ 5 tests/box - Detects IgG levels in foals – for detection of immunodeficiency (failure of passive transfer)

If you don’t have a 10uL Pipettor from a previous order you will have to order one.

Price: $125.00


    The Equine Immuno-Chek G-Foal IgG test is a rapid 10 min blood test to measure IgG levels visually, to get a range from a color chart.

    The Immuno-Chek G Foal IgG test kit quickly identifies Immunodeficient foals stallside. Foals are born with NO immunoglobulin (IgG) levels and must receive adequate antibodies from the mare’s colostrum (passive transfer of IgG > 800 mg/dL).

    All foals should have IgG level measured after first suckling (12 -14 hours old).

    Foals that are immune deficient are at high risk of infection, serious illness, or death.

    The early initiation of treatment can be started when low IgG levels are detected.

    The test is based on Lateral Flow principles where the concentration of the sample is determined by the intensity of the test line.

    The cassette has two lines one test and one control. A control line must always be present in a properly functioning cassette. If the control line is absent, the result is not valid.