• For storing and transporting horse and dog semen
  • For onsite breeding or shipping semen
  • No express shipping required
  • Anti-leak foil seal
  • Use when freezing dog and horse semen
Price: $7.99




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    Next Generation Dr. Kenney Semen Extender Plain is for storing and transporting horse and dog semen. It is great for onsite breeding or when shipping semen. This semen transport kit contains the component parts which, when mixed together, provide 150 ml of extender. 150 ml dose includes water and dry components pouch. The bottle includes special anti-leak foil seal.

    A must-have when dog or horse breeding. Dogs do not collect the same; seminal volume and/or sperm concentration can easily fluctuate between the various canine breeds, a sperm count is always good management. A 4:1 ratio represents 4 parts extender to 1 part semen. Unused portions of this dog and horse semen extender can be frozen for future use. No express shipping required. When used for freezing semen, just add egg yoke and glycerol.