Most breeding operations are just getting comfortable transporting and receiving fresh cooled semen; the industry is now calling for an inexpensive long-term preservation system that works!
Price: $149.99

    Exodus has once again solved the problem. Our Next Generation® CPS™ Cryogen Preservation System is so simple, anyone can successfully freeze semen on any given breeding day, allowing you to bank semen for domestic use throughout the entire breeding season without the added stress on the stallion and dramatically reducing expense and labor. The Next Generation® CPS™ Cryogen Preservation System comes complete with a heavy duty Styrofoam box and five (5) racks enabling the use of : .25 mL, .50 mL and our newly designed 2.5 mL straws. The only tools missing are the centrifuge & N2 (nitrogen) tank! The Next Generation® CPS™ is by far the most unique on-farm freezing system ever developed. It has taken over 8 years to get it to market. The CPS™ has the flexibility to cater to any and all breeders world-wide. ~~~ Includes 5 Freezing Trays & Oversized Freeze Box ~~~ ** For semen export: USDA protocols for export must be adhered to by means of specific quarantine requirements per country