Bullz Angel Prenatal High-Potency A one a day┬áproprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, and selected herbs that are formulated for the specific nutritional needs of pregnant female dogs and there developing embryos.    
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    • Support normal fetal development and sufficient milk production: Bullz Angel's prenatal dog vitamins help to ensure that your pet gets sufficient amounts of folic acid for pregnant dogs, a B vitamin which may help prevent certain birth defects; during pregnancy and when breastfeeding, your dog needs about 50 percent more folic acid than before it; as it is difficult to get this amount from foods alone, your pet may need to take supplemental folic acid.
    • Helps promote healthy brain development in puppies: folic acid, iron, zinc and iodine help to support the proper development of the puppies' central nervous system and vision; iron is vital for puppies' growth and brain development; during pregnancy, the amount of blood in the mother's body increases, so she needs more of it, both for herself and for the growing babies; zinc has been shown to be essential during pregnancy for adequate placental development and maternal blood pressure adaptations
    • Support healthy metabolism in pregnant dogs: the B vitamins in our tasty soft chew formula help to promote normal metabolism and play a vital part in the formation of red blood cells and in essential cellular processes and enzymatic reactions; our prenatal pills for dogs deliver the necessary amounts of vitamin D, which is well known as a hormone involved in mineral metabolism and helps to ensure that the calcium builds up the babies' bones and teeth
      1 tablet per day 60 tablets per bottle