BotuSemen "SPECIAL" Extender ..200 ml dose Extender based on skimmed milk with addition of Cholesterol. Cholesterol is a component of the spermatic membrane that contributes for an increase in its stability. It makes Botu-Semen Special highly recommended for pre-freezing centrifugation. The temperature of 5°C or 15°C can be used for semen cooled transport as well as for pre-freezing centrifugation. Use dilutions of 30 to 50 million/ml for cooled transport, respecting the minimum of 2 parts of extender to 1 part of semen. In case of samples requiring centrifugation before cooled transport should be respected the resuspension of spermatozoa to 100 million/ml. Aiming DO NOT exceed the appropriate concentrations of cholesterol. Suitable for all stallions, especially for spermatazoa that presents sensitivity to cooled transport.
Price: $30.40