AmScope TCS-100 Microscope Temperature Control Stage Slide Warmer  
Price: $519.99

    Features & Specifications:
    • Convenient installation for any standard microscope stage
    • Two LED digital displays and two touch pad buttons on temperature controller
    • Power input: 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz, AC
    • Power output: 50W
    • Temperature control range: 20°C to 50°C
    • Temperature setting increments: 1°C
    • Temperature display divisions: 0.1°C
    • Various between setting and displaying temperature: less than /-1°C
    • Dimensions of stage warmer plate: 150mm x 130mm x 5.8mm
    • Dimensions of control unit: 187mm x 161mm x 75mm
    • Two spare fuses
    • Instruction manual
    This is a microscope stage temperature control system that ensures accurate, stable thermal control of live biological specimen observations. Ideal for checking semen motility, it is sized specifically for the user's stage warming needs and is adaptable to all brands of biological compound and stereo microscopes. The stage warming deck is made high tensile aluminum which maintains a constant temperature less than /-1°C between a setting range of 20°C to 50°C. Pre-heating the stage takes 1 to 2 minutes resulting in reaching the constant temperature desired. This stage warmer is ideally suited to maintain stable specimen temperatures while examining or analyzing sperm motility and velocity or other live biological specimens under a microscope.