ABT COMPLETE FLUSH is designed for the collection of embryos from cattle and horses. ABT�s formulation contains PVA for its surfactant properties, Gentamycin as an antibiotic as well as energy sources and heavy metal chelators. No additives are required. Using ultra?purified water as a base, this solution is filtered to 0.2uM so there is no need for additional filtering before use. 2 Liter bag.

Price: $30.99


    • Complete and ready to use

    • Contains PVA for its surfactant properties and

    Gentamycin as an antibiotic

    • Animal origin free & 100% traceable components

    • Tight quality control standards equals consistent results

    • Durable EVA packaging with a spike port and non‐latex

    needle septum removable cap

    • Made in the USA with two decades of experience