30cc Sterile All Plastic Syringe - 50/box

Sorry, needles and syringes cannot be shipped to Miami-Dade County, FL, without a prescription. A limit of 10 needles or syringes may be sent to Connecticut or New Jersey.
Price: $36.99

      NORM-JECT ® syringes are latex free, contain no rubber, no silicone oil, styrene or DEHP and are DNA free. These syringes are the choice for any situation needing an inert, non-reactive syringe. Because of their composition they are indicated for IVF procedures. These 30ml and 50 ml syringes fit  our Equine Express II.  Manufactured only from laboratory grade polypropylene and polyethylene. Syringes are individually sterile strip packed.  FDA registered, CE Mark, ISO9001 certified.