INRA 96 Semen Extender 200ml Exp:04/2015 **Contains:penicillin, gentamicin and the fungicide Amphotericin B
Price: $23.95

Results obtained after 24 hours of preservation (from 1994 to 1996) show that fertility of certain stallions, was improved if stored at +15 C. This proves to be an alternative for those stallions of which semen is affected by cold shock when lowering the temperature to +4 C. These results also allow, according to needs and quality of the stallion semen, to use the INRA 96 at either +15 C or +4 C. For Semen Preservation at +15 C = 59 F No independent or autonomous shipping containers exist to maintain a +15 C temperature (+/- 1 C maximum).

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